Welcome to OCCC - Operation Competency Consulting and Coaching

More than 15 years of experience providing professional services in Organization Structure and Organizational Behavior to Multinational corporations, Local manufacturing and International firms.
OCCC consistenly provides high quality intellectual and physical services to our clients as strategic partners. 

We understand the complete range and scope of the value chain which has allowed our strategic partners to boost their core operations and business performance without any reluctance. 

Our Professional Consultants and Coaches are proficient in both methodology and practical elements. Our individual experts have experience in professional teamworking for our clients' organizational solutions. Consequently, our clients can always rely uponn and trust our professional service.

OCCC Operation Competency Consulting and Coaching service provides facilitation to our clients' organizations to obtain efficient and controllable operation performance through customized organization structure design and employee’s competency and satisfaction.

OCCC philosophy for Organization and Business development is derived from 2 key areas; Organization Structure and Organizational Behavior.

Our Consultants and Coaches have been studying, experiencing, researching, benchmarking and working with strong drive to deliver successful projects.

Operation Competency Consulting and Coaching

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