OCCC - Operation Competency Consultancy and Coachinng

The company would gain most benefit from its operation excellence which  will enable its High Performance Organization to promptly move along with the external higher demand without delay and obstacle. The elements are simply from balancing of Software and Hardware, Human and Process. 

OCCC studies and experiences have been emphasized in the unique OCCC methodology to comprise the simple element for efficient working process starting from organization design and structure.

Organization design is the process of aligning an organization's structure with its mission.

This enables the efficiency of the complex relationship between tasks, workflow, responsibility, and authority, and making sure these all support the objectives of the business.
Organization structure - Organization Development

Simple but not simple, OCCC emphasizes on
Organization structure and work flow process,
including Role, Job Description and Job objective to constructively maximize HR capability and talent, as well as to enable the matrix and operation control.
                                                     HR Transformation,

Change Management and Coaching program     
Rule and Regulation

Important for the organization to preview and review
the Rule & Regulation for practical implementation, control and
for compliance with the law.
          Performance appraisal

Not only the KPI would enable the HR asset maximization itself, but our customized Performance appraisal would be a tool to enable performance and competency benchmarking
and also to support the HR value improvement to a etter response to the aim of the KPI setting.           
OC Turnkey Project (Boarderless)
Management Outsourse Project
From our team of expertise, we shall provide a list of intellectual and competence services as for your preferences. Our Consultants, management and team basically provide the qualified the service within the time line to Corporate and SME. 

Essentially, Tasks and Projects could be completed for expected result and timeline shall enable Optimum return on investment, Controllable process and Development. OCCC Outsourse service certainly prevent the risk of project incompletion and over budget. 

Professionally, we provide the management service for the following business; Manufacturing (Food, Snack, Beverage, Plastics, Textile, Metal,etc), Financial Institute, Education Institute, Hospitality, International Trading firm, Sales Distribution, Services agencies, Business Merging and acquisition, and more...
 With our expertise, we have experienced      providing the service for the following business;

    Manufacturing (Food, Snack, Beverage,
    Plastics, Textile, Metal, etc.)
    Financial Institute
    Education Institute


    International Trading firm

    Sales Distribution

    Services agencies

    Retailer and service 
    Technical Retailer and service 
     and more...
OCCC Management
Outsourse Services

Organization Structure and plan, 
Work flow process
HR project

Accounting and Finance
Logistics and warehousing
Government affair
IT management

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