Management Outsourcing

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Management Outsourcing

Project Management Outsourcing 

From our team's expertise, we provide highly qualified intellectual and competent operation services for projects and our clients' expectations. 

The great advantage of OCCC Outsourcing service, our clients can obtain:

+ Specialists and Experts for specific tasks and projects.

+ Manageable team work.

+ Controllable work processes and output.

+ Respectful timelines.

+ Optimum return on investment

+ Project monitoring and cross control

+ Budgeting efficiency

+ Risk minimization 

Professionally, we have been providing successful management services for the following industries;

Manufacturing (Food, Snack, Beverage, Plastics, Textile, Metal, Automotive, etc), Financial Institute, Education Institute, Hospitality, International Trading firm, Sales Distribution, Services agencies, Automotive services, Franchise and more...

Our Management outsourcing areas cover: 

Organization setup, Organization structure and planning, Workflow processes, HR Rules and Regulations, Corporate legal documentation, HR capital projects, HR Learning and Development programs, HR projects, Team and Performance project development

BOI issues, Government affairs, IT projects, ISO project management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Thus, the client's management team shall gain great benefit from OCCC project management outsourcing with RESULTS and a Controllable TIMELINE according to expectations.


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