Coaching Program

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Coaching Program


The OCCC coaching process is customized and is based on the client's profile and talent.

Our Coaches are professional and competent in their approach for our clients own solutions and self-commitment.

Management Coaching has emphasized the client's realization and solutions. Our coaching element aims to help motivate the client's awareness though integrity for more options to find the client's best solutions. The OCCC coaching element enables our clients’ self-satisfaction and good understanding of their selected solutions and execution.
The Individual Management Coaching process is to maximize a participant's personal assets and value for complete managerial skills.

Technical coaching enables greatness in a participant's skill employment and understanding of technical jobs. 

Group coaching is motivated self-learning and development for the groups benefit.


OCCC Coaches 

Executive Coaching 
Business Coaching 
Management Coaching for Managerial skill
Successors Coaching 
Effective Retention Coaching program 
Change Management, HR Transformation 
Learning Value Coaching 
Leadership Program 
Professional Sales Coaching Program  
Performance Management Coaching Program 
Psychometrics Assessment Coaching program  
Gallup’s Strength Finder coaching




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