Management Consultancy

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Management Consultancy

  • Management Consultancy Service 

OCCC Consultancy provides expertise in covering organizational requirements for both Internal and External solutions conforming to the business management. OCCC provides our clients solutions in the areas of:  


Product Marketing, Retail Darketing, Strategic Marketing Planning, Market Research, Brand Building, etc.   

Human Resources

Organization Structure, HR Management, HR Administration, HR Relationship, HR service, Organizational Behavior, Learning and Development and Employee branding. 

With OCCC Consultancy, our clients gain operational excellence which enables their organization to smoothly and successfully respond to external demands. The OCCC approach simply emphasizes efficiency the balancing of human resources, software and hardware processes. OCCC Consultancy enables competency through the integration of core skills and soft skills for success.
Organization design is the process of aligning an organization's structure with its mission. This enables efficiency in the complex relationship between tasks, workflow, responsibility and authority and ensures its support of the business objectives.

Organization Structure - Organization Development

Simple but not simple, OCCC emphasizes on Organization structure and work flow processes including Roles, Job Descriptions and Job Objectives to constructively increase HR competency and talent, as well as enabling matrix management and operations control.

HR Transformation

Change management and coaching programs is OCCC's expertise.  Our methodology and approach comprises the organization mechanism from companies and employees expectations which allow smooth HR transformation and development.

Rule and Regulations

Company Rules and Regulations shall be always reviewed and updated for present organization structure and organizational behavior.

Performance Appraisal

Performance management systems are employed to manage and align all of an organization's resources in order to achieve the highest possible performance.

Salary Structure

OCCC provides various selections from HR Compensation policy, Internal and External data analysis, Budgeting, Compa ratio, Allocations and Communication management
Operations and Systems

Waste Management, Environment Management, Safety, Logistics and Supply Chain

Expertise from global to local - OCCC has allied our organization coverage for total management solutions and competency.      



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