Today the world is turning faster and all businesses are fast moving towards.
The SCH Management Coach
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SCH. Management Coaching

SCH Management Coaching formulates the Coaching methodologies in the real business situation and corporate environment to appropriately strengthen Managerial skills, Practical Management technique and to maximize individual potentiality for the coachees and coachings expectation.

International Coach Federation

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
The ICF Code of Ethics is designed to provide appropriate guidelines, accountability and enforceable standards of conduct.


Clifton’s strengths-based approach

To management and leadership powers the greatest teams in the world’s most successful organizations.
Gallup's Strengths Meta-Analysis examines the relationship between strengths-based development and business performance outcomes. Creating a strengths-based workplace and investing in employee talent with the Clifton StrengthsFinder not only brings out the best in employees — it improves organizational success.


Executive Coaching
Many solutions could be simply found for
all issues I have reluctantly think about....
Management Coaching
 Hadn't beleived the coaching enable my
inner power to better manage my job and team.
Engineering Manager
Realized now, I am not a hero, but our team shall be....
from Successor Coaching
The SCH coaching process is customized and is based on the client's profile and talent.
We are professional and competent in their approach for our clients own solutions and self-commitment.
Management Coaching has emphasized the client's realization and solutions. Our coaching element aims
to help motivate the client's awareness though integrity for more options to find the client's best solutions.
The SCH coaching element enables our clients’ self-satisfaction and good understanding of
their selected solutions and execution.
 The Individual Management Coaching process is to maximize a participant's personal assets and value for complete managerial skills.
SCH Technical coaching enables greatness in a participant's skill employment and understanding of technical jobs. 
SCH Group coaching is motivated self-learning and development for the groups benefit.
SCH Coaching Programs include; 
Executive Coaching 
Business Coaching 
Management Coaching for Managerial skill
Successors Coaching 
Effective Retention Coaching program 
Change Management, HR Transformation 
Learning Value Coaching 
Leadership Program 
Professional Sales Coaching Program  
Performance Management Coaching Program 
Psychometrics Assessment Coaching program  
Gallup’s Strength Finder coaching


Management Coaching 

Individual or One -to-One Coaching for Executive and Manager has conducted and employed Coaching methodologies through the complexity of the participants' issues. The Management coaching would enable the diversities to simply digest and move forward to more alternatives and selection for a  final of practical outcome.


Successor Coaching 

Most of the prospect successors have been working well in their positions.  Once they have been promoted to new status, all demands including themselves may be differed. Successor Coaching program would enable the ones to prepare managerail skills, mindset, Leadership to take the position over with good expectation.   


 Team Coaching

Successful team has been always developped from each individual participation. Possitive mindset and good understanding of the team value and goal shall enable the team to work together with trust for mutual expectation.